Health Freedom, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the overall health of Marylanders. We offer an array of programs that raise the awareness of the importance of prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Our mission is to place behavioral change strategies in the hands of people who can motivate and assist one another to adopt healthier lifestyles and become more self-reliant.

How Can Health Freedom Help?

We offer an variety of free or low cost health education classes to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge to prevent or control disease risk factors.  Health Freedom can assist churches and organizations in setting up or enhancing health education services.  Health Freedom works closely with American Heart Association and other national organizations that promote healthy lifestyles.

How Does Health Freedom Work?

Community volunteers are trained and certified to provide screening, referrals, monitoring, and culturally sensitive health education to members of the community.  With a large force of volunteers, many people in our community can be reached and made aware of actions they can take to effectively prevent and/or manage chronic disease.

Building A Legacy of Health