The Circle of Friends Walking Club (COF) is themed around the inspiring stories of courage, determination and strength of those who traveled the Underground Railroad in search of freedom from slavery. It was a group effort with the support of conductors, abolitionists, and fellow freedom seekers that allowed many people to achieve the success of freedom by walking.

It is with this community spirit that participants in the Circle of Friends walking club seek to achieve their own freedom from the bondage of poor health habits and inactive lifestyles.

The program begins with 6-weeks of regularly scheduled one hour-long group fitness sessions; it is then followed by monthly sessions.

Each session is led by volunteer trainers (conductors) at various sites (depots) around the state. The sessions are designed to build group motivation to help you get in shape and stay fit.

The weekly and monthly sessions will include:

• Health and wellness information
• History lessons of the Underground Railroad
• Fitness Tracking Tools
• A Gift from Health Freedom
• Admission to the Health Freedom Celebration Walk