We offer several programs to help kick start a healthy lifestyle.  Find the program that is right for you or your community group.

Circle of Friends Walking Club

The Circle of Friends (COF) Walking Club & Training is a life-changing walking and educational program that begins with six weekly one hour sessions followed by monthly meetings.  Each session is led by volunteer trainers/ conductors at various training sites.

In the same way that captives of the past freed themselves from slavery, COF partcipants will free themselves from the bondage of poor health habits and a sedentary lifestyle. More Info  

Health Freedom Celebration Walk

A 5K walk celebrating our progress towards a healthier lifestyle and better health habits.  The Celebration Walks are held in multiple counties throughout the state of Maryland.  The walkers journey throughout historic sites along the path of the Underground Railroad.  Participants walk in honor of the many brave souls who have paved the way over the course of history.

Register for the 5K Celebration Walk Event.  Includes admission to all 2017 participating counties.

Online Registration (WALK ONLY)

I Can…I Will Be Happy, Be Healthy

A ten-week nutrition and exercise program to help individuals achieve a healthy weight and reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.  This exciting program empowers participants to take charge of their health and with the help of their physician, acquire an action plan that can reduce the need for medication, prevent Type 2 Diabetes, and gain better control of diseases.

Scheduled as requested.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Future

children running
Get them started young!  Fall in line with Michelle Obama’s initiative, prevent obesity and encourage good nutrition.  This 4-week heart healthy awareness program is designed for youth ages 9 – 17.  Participants will learn how to make healthier food choices and increase their physical activity level.

Scheduled as requested.

Cholesterol: The Good, Bad & Ugly

A 90 minute course to learn how to prevent and/or treat high blood cholesterol. Participants will gain knowledge about the causes of high cholesterol, myth busting, the importance of “knowing your numbers”, medications commonly used for treatment, and how to work with a physician by asking the right questions.

Scheduled as requested.

Highs & Lows of Diabetes

A 90 minute course to learn about prevention and control of diabetes and its dangers.

Scheduled as requested.

Ups & Downs of High Blood Pressure

A 90 minute course to learn about prevention and control of high blood pressure and its dangers.

Scheduled as requested.

Signals & Sign of Stroke

A 90 minute course to learn about prevention and control of stroke and its dangers.

Scheduled as requested.

Cooking for the Heart of It

Participants learn tips and ideas on preparing healthy meals.

The Acquired Taste

Participants learn creative and new recipes for that a step away from the norm.