Circle of Friends Walking Club

The Circle of Friends Walking Club (COF) is themed around the inspiring stories of courage, determination and strength of those who traveled the Underground Railroad in seek of freedom from enslavement.

COF participants, called freedom seekers, will embark on a journey to free themselves from the bondage of poor health habits and a sedentary lifestyle.  Volunteer trainers, called Conductors, will guide participants in the right direction towards a lifetime of physical activity and wellness.  HEALTH FREEDOM!

How It Works

The program begins with 6-weeks of regularly scheduled one hour-long group fitness sessions; it is then followed by monthly sessions that continue throughout the year.

Each session is led by volunteer trainers (conductors) at various sites (depots) around the state. The sessions are designed to build group motivation and to help participants get in shape and stay fit.

The weekly and monthly sessions will include:

• Health and wellness information
• History lessons of the Underground Railroad
• Fitness Tracking Tools
• Weekly Incentives (during the initial 6-week portion of the program)
• Exclusive Circle of Friends t-shirt
• Health Freedom Celebration Walk Admission

Following the six week Circle of Friends training program, freedom seekers will participate in a 5K Celebration Walk.  It is during this walk that participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their personal struggle for health freedom as they journey through paths crossed by the Underground Railroad.

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